One of Your Call Football’s greatest assets is the outstanding team of diverse professionals who have come together to bring the world’s first fan play-calling competition to life. Each carries deep vertical experience and brings invaluable expertise and passion to our mission to revolutionize the fan experience.

George Colony


George is currently the CEO and Chairman of Forrester Research, Inc. He is a leader and visionary in the technology industry. He is privately funding Your Call and plays a visionary role in bringing the idea of Your Call Football to life.

Julie Meringer


Julie is a 25-year veteran of the technology industry. She has vast experience building companies, products, and teams as she was one of the original members of Forrester Research, Inc. She is responsible for the strategy and day-to-day operations of Your Call.

Susan Maffei, Esq.

Chief Financial Officer

Susan is a 30-year veteran legal, finance, strategy, and operations executive. Ms. Maffei was CFO, general counsel, and vice president of operations for Forrester Research, Inc. from 1993 until 2002. Since then, she has worked as an employee of and consultant, advisor, and board member to start-up technology companies including an early social network for public radio.

Sue Develin

Vice President Marketing

Sue is a 20-year veteran of the sports and digital marketing industry. With experience on both the agency and client side, Ms. Develin has built sports marketing teams and products and understands the digital landscape. Her role at Your Call is to strategize and operationalize, bringing quality football to the fans of Your Call Football.

Adam Kenger

Chief Technology Officer

Adam is a technology generalist with nearly two decades of experience in web and internet technologies. Adam developed the architecture design and back end of Your Call Football’s mobile app.

Collin Vataha

Vice President Football Operations

Collin started his career in the sports industry in 2003 with Game Plan, and he continues to provide services to current and prospective professional sports team owners, professional sports leagues, sports facilities and other investors and lenders in the sports industry. Mr. Vataha was a receiver and placekicker on the Williams College football team and his father, Randy, co-founder and President of Game Plan, played for the New England Patriots in the 1970s.

Katie Driscoll

Vice President, Product

Katie comes to Your Call with more than 20 years in building and marketing digital consumer experiences at start ups and top agencies. Her role at Your Call is to lead the team of software engineers, UI experts and creative designers in the design, development and optimization of the YCF mobile app.

Will Colony

Product Manager

Will is a graduate of Bates College and a statistics expert in all things football. Mr. Colony analyzes and makes recommendations on all aspects of football for Your Call.

Rick Wilson

Social Media / Marketing Manager

Rick is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with experience in print, digital production and sports marketing. He has worked on both the agency and the client side and serves as YCF’s social media point person.

Robert Caporale

Investment / Football Advisor

Chairman and co-founder of Game Plan, LLC, 1994-present, Bob has completed transactions in virtually every phase of the sports and entertainment business. He has had a long career in the business, working as an attorney practicing litigation, business and sports and entertainment law from 1965 to 1997. Chairman of Boston World Cup USA94 Host Committee.

Randel Vataha

Investment / Football Advisor

President and co-founder of Game Plan, LLC, 1994-present, Randy is probably the only person in the United States who has been a professional player, sports union negotiator, team president and owner, sports agent and sports investment banker. His entire career after graduating from Stanford University has been in the business of sports, including as an NFL wide receiver for the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers, as a Founding Member of the United States Football League, as a Member of the Executive Committee for the National Football League Players Association, and as Part Owner of the Boston and New Orleans Breakers Football Club in USFL and President of the New Orleans Breakers.

Wendy Wright

Financial Planning & Analysis Expert

Wendy has spent more than 20 years helping companies model their business to maximize profitability, determine the financial impact of key decisions, and identify growth opportunities. She has done this for both established firms and start-ups. Wendy is responsible for bringing this expertise to YCF’s financials

David Paro

Broadcast / Sponsor Consultant

David is an experienced executive in the partnership- and brand-marketing spaces with successful leadership tenures in multiple business environments, from startups to Fortune 50 corporations. A recognized sports business strategist, David brings expertise across all areas of marketing mix and experience with a wide variety of sports, entertainment and lifestyle

Frank Novak

NFL Coach Expert

Frank had an illustrious career in pro football, from coaching in the USFL to retiring as the special teams head coach for the Green Bay Packers. Frank is a key member of Your Call and has aided in testing, with real players and referees, the concept with the technology, from developing the Coach Management Application and the Fan Application to ensuring that quality football could be maintained in Your Call Football.

Phil Grebinar

College Coach Expert

Phil spent his career as Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s football coach until he moved on to coach the wrestling team. Similar to Mr. Novak, Mr. Grebinar is a key member of Your Call and has aided in testing the concept and technology with real players and refereesy, from developing the Coach Management Application and the Fan Application to ensuring that quality football could be maintained in Your Call Football.

Michael McCann, Esq.

Sports Law Expert

Mike is a renowned sports law expert. He is founder of the Law and Entertainment Law Institute at the University of New Hampshire and is chief legal analyst at Sports Illustrated. Mike is a critical member of Your Call on all matters related to the legality of league operations, the role of the players, the rules, and the overall constitution and bylaws of Your Call.


Your Call Football is a one-of-a-kind, high quality, professional  football entity with a key differentiator—fans call the plays. YCF’s patented technology will transform professional football into a participatory, social, and competitive experience. Contact us to learn more about how you can play a part in revolutionizing the fan experience.