Play-Calling Competition Rules

Your Call Football allows you, the fan, to call the shots in live play-calling competitions.

Vote on three coach-selected plays and then watch the majority pick unfold live on the field. You win (or lose) as a result of each play call, as you try to prove you’re the smartest play caller by outsmarting the defense and all the other YCF participants.

The best play callers are handsomely rewarded with over $70,000 in cash prizes up for grabs over the course of the series.

Your ability to rack up points and climb the leaderboard depends on your total score, which is calculated in points after each offensive play. With each play call, you have a chance to earn points in the following three ways.

Field Score

You are rewarded or penalized based on how your play-call pans out on the field. First down? Awesome. 2 points are added to your score. Fumble? Minus 3 points. See full breakdown of Field Score points below.

Coach Pick Bonus

Even if your play isn’t run on the field, you’re rewarded for proving that you think like a true coach. A 1-point bonus is received if your play choice lines up with the coach’s.

Against the Grain

Think you had the right call after all? A 2-point bonus is received if your play wasn’t run AND the play run on the field had a negative result meaning: 1) Field Score was equal to or less than zero OR 2) There was a standalone yardage event on the field (either a run or a pass), and it gained one yard or less.

Field Score Points

Rushing Gain +0.1 Point per yard
Passing Gain +0.1 Point per yard
Rushing Loss -0.1 Point per yard
Passing Loss -0.1 Point per yard
Penalty on Defense +0.1 Point per yard
Penalty on Offense -0.1 Point per yard
First Down +2 Points
Touchdown +6 Points
2-Point Conversion +2 Points
Sack -1 Point plus -0.1 per yard lost
Interception -3 Points
Fumble Lost -3 Points
Failed 4th Down Conversion -3 Points
Defensive Return TD -5 Points
Safety -4 Points
Defensive 2-Point Return TD -2 Points
Punt +1 Point
Field Goal +3 Points
Missed Field Goal -1 Point
Blocked Field Goal -3 Points


Participating in the fan play-calling competitions as a single player automatically gives you a shot at first place atop the Series Leaderboard. But you can turn up the heat on the competition and truly test your coaching skills by challenging your friends, family and coworkers to head-to-head or league games.


Take on a single opponent in a 1 on 1 match-up.

• Highest score for each challenge wins 100 coins

• Can be set up any time during a game, and lasts for the duration of that game only.


Challenge a group of opponents in a single-game contest that can accommodate anywhere from 3-11 players

• Ranking is determined by point total throughout the game.

• Leagues must be set up before the game starts and will last for the duration of that game only.

• Winner receives 200 coins


Cash prizes aren’t just for those fans who play-call their way to the top of the leaderboard. Various other actions within the Your Call Football app are rewarded with coins, YCF’s virtual currency. Cash prizes are awarded to the fans with the highest coin totals, who take advantage of the following:

   Game Activity Coins

• Head-to-head challenge victory: 100 coins

• Game league victory: 200 coins per active participant

Non-game Activity Coins

• Returning users from Series One receive: 300 coins

• Correct trivia question answer: 50 coins per correct answer

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