Redefining What it Means to be a Football Fan

The offense is knocking on the door of the end zone. Want to punch it in? Vote for the halfback dive. Or go with play action to fool the defense. With Your Call Football, there’s no second guessing the coach. Because YOU decide the fate of a live football game right from your device. You win (or lose) as a result of each play call, proving your abilities by outsmarting the defense and all the other YCF fans. Because in this game, it all comes down to brains. It all comes down to guts. It all comes down to the right call.


The only game where you control the action on the field is back with games on February 25th, March 4th, 11th and 18th. All four games will take place at the Dream Finders Homes Flex Field at Daily’s Place, adjacent to TIAA Bank Field – home of the Jacksonville Jaguars.


Download the Free Your Call Football app from the Apple or Google Play stores today.


Put an end to the debate once and for all. Your Call Football lets you prove who knows the game best by putting your football knowledge to the test. Think like a coach, rack up points and climb the leaderboard to collect your share of over $70,000 in cash prizes.


Tune in to the live stream and decide the fate of two professional teams, right from the palm of your hand. Open the app, and it’s game time.


Your Call Football puts fans in control of live games, transforming spectator sports into immersive, interactive, social and competitive experiences. With a patented technology, the app-based game allows fans to vote on a selection of plays chosen by YCF coaches and those plays are executed, live on the field, by YCF players. Fans accumulate points based on their play-calling skill and compete with other fans to see who is the most skilled play-caller.

The app is available for download and play on iOS and Android devices.


When you call the plays, you control the game. Our coaches will push three great play options to your device, then they’ll ask you to vote. Rack up points when your play is run on the field and help lead your team to the end zone.

Fans Call the Plays

As the winning play is executed on the field, you’ll be earning points in the YCF App based on the play outcome. Score bonus points if your pick matches the coach’s pick. Rack up YCF’s virtual coins by winning leagues or head-to-head match-ups.

Exceptional Talent and Professional Coaching

Your Call Football delivers real, competitive, high-quality football. Each team will be comprised of former college players, who are on the cusp of making a pro roster, and will be coached by some of the most innovative and creative minds in football. This combination of high caliber talent produces an exceptional on-field product.

Compete for Cash Prizes

Fans will compete in four consecutive fan play-calling competitions with over $70,000 in total cash prizes up for grabs.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the fans at the top of the leaderboard at the end of each quarter, game and the 4-game series.

Players who earn the most virtual coins at the conclusion of the series are also eligible for cash prizes.

Fan Play-Calling Competition Rules

Before you put your football knowledge to the test, you’ll need to know the rules to the game. A Your Call Football game will be played the same as a regular game, with a few adjustments to help enhance the fan play-calling experience. Click below to learn more about the play-calling competition rules.



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