Football Rules

YCF games operate under the same rules as the NFL, with a few adjustments to help enhance the fan play-calling experience.

Play Clock

Clock is 45 seconds

Clock is started when the ball is spotted following a play

Game Clock

4 quarters

12 minutes per quarter

NFL Game Clock Rules, including stopping for incomplete passes and out of bounds. There are no 2 minute warnings.


Audibles (changing the play at the line) are not permitted. The players must execute the call made by the fans!

Blocking adjustments at the line are permitted


YCF has no kickoffs

Instead, the team on offense starts off with the ball at its own 35-yard line


If the offense crosses the 50-yard line into opponent territory at any time during a drive, then on any 4th down play, the fans must go for it or attempt a field goal. No punt option will be given to fans

When the fans choose to punt, no punt play will be run. Instead, the ball will be placed 40 yards from the line of scrimmage, and the other team will take over on offense

Onside Kicks

There are no onside kicks in YCF

2- Point Conversions

There will be no extra point kicks in YCF

Only 2-point conversion attempts are allowed

Fans will make all play calls on 2-point conversions

4th down play calling

Fans call every 4th down play

On every 4th down play, coaches required to offer at least one option to attempt to convert the first down