Q&A With New YCF Analyst Tom Luginbill

January 24, 2019

By Your Call Football


Tom Luginbill is a college football analyst for ESPN and YCF’s newest announcer for our upcoming season. Read below to view his perspective on play-calling and YCF. If you missed yesterday’s interview with Justin Kutcher don’t forget to check it out here.


1) What interested you most in YCF?


We used to always joke as coaches that no one pretends to be a doctor or a lawyer, but everyone can coach. Your call football gives fans a chance to put their money where their mouth is and make decisions in real time. Fans will likely find there is more to it than they think.



2) What are you looking forward to most for this series?


Being able to hopefully help the fan better understand what goes into play calling. The in’s and out’s of down and distance, hashmark, area of the field etc. I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do in pressure play call situations.



3) How would you do if you played? 


If I were playing I’d first make sure we stay ahead of the chains. Avoid potential negative plays. Don’t get greedy. On passing downs, I’d pick easy underneath throws to get the QB in rhythm before just taking low percentage shots downfield. I’d also consider field position in a big way.



4) What’s the best play call you’ve ever called as an announcer? What’s the best call you were ever involved in college or the pros? 


In 2010 I was broadcasting a Clemson/Auburn game and Clemson kept throwing the WR quick screen. They did it multiple times. They were setting up the pump fake quick screen to get the defense to bite and then throw the ball down the sideline deep. My call on the broadcast occurred on the next series because I felt like Clemson wanted to get close to the red area. I just happened to tell my play by play guy prior to the play “here comes the fake screen and go downfield”. The very next play it happened for a TD.



5) What’s your favorite call by an announcer?


Not sure I have a favorite call by an announcer, but I loved hearing Keith Jackson or Brent Musberger call a game. They made you feel like every call was the last play of the game in a Super Bowl. I also have an appreciation for Tony Romo when he projects what play is coming because it shows that he studies the two teams and is prepared.



6) If you could call the plays for any offense, college or pro, in history, who would it be?


Without a doubt, Bill Walsh’s 49er teams led by Joe Montana. To be able to call the true west coast offense with those players would have been a treat.