Breaking Down Cash Prizes

April 27, 2018

By Your Call Football

We’re doing something that’s never been done before. Letting fans be the play-callers in a professional football game is something that has generated plenty of buzz and excitement among football fans, gamers and fantasy junkies.


But let’s face it, there’s money on the line here. People are excited for a chance to win cold hard cash! You might have heard that we’re giving away over $50,000 in cash prizes during our fan play-calling competitions. But how will you win, and how much can you win at a time?


Here’s the breakdown.



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End of Game Prizes


Points Leaders


Positive play results earn you field score points when you vote with the majority on the next offensive play. Negative play results earn you points when you do not vote with the majority (they should’ve picked your play!). Take home a coach pick bonus when you vote for the same play as the Head Coach.


At the end of the game, the top 28 on the Game Leaderboard are walking away with money. You can read more about how to earn field score points here.


The normal payout structure will look like this:


1st Place – $5,000

2nd Place – $2,500

3rd Place – $1,000

Next 25 – $50


Each game during the fan play-calling competitions will have the following payout structure. In the event of a tie, the payouts will shift down from the position of the tie.


Example: If there is a 2-way tie for first place, those two players will still occupy the top 2 spots on the leaderboard and split the total of the 1st and 2nd place payouts when combined. Now the 2nd highest score total is technically 3rd place.


See below example:


T-1st Place: User1 – 1,000 Points – $3,750

T-1st Place: User2 – 1,000 Points – $3,750

3rd Place: User3 – 750 Points – $1,000



Coin Totals


Coins are YCF’s virtual currency that holds value in both leagues and head-to-head competitions. The best way to earn coins is by winning winner-take-all league competitions (which require a coin buy-in set by the league owner) and head-to-head wins (which earn you 50 coins). You can also earn coins by answer trivia questions correctly during stoppages in the games.


After each game, the players with the most coins will be rewarded in a cash payout. Win some big buy-in leagues and all of your head-to-heads, and you should be in great shape!


Here is the payout structure:


1st Place – $500

2nd Place – $400

3rd Place – $300

4th Place – $200

5th Place – $100



End of Half Prizes


Even if you blow a massive points lead in the 2nd half, you’re still going to be rewarded for being at the top of the Game Leaderboard at halftime. The top 3 in field score points at the half get paid out as follows:



Points Leaders


1st Place – $1000

2nd Place – $500

3rd Place – $250



End of Series Prizes


Compete in all 3 games on May 3rd, 10th and 17th and you’ll be in the running for the biggest payout of all of them. Overall Points Leaders on the Global Leaderboard at the end of the inaugural series will be paid out as follows.



Points Leaders


1st Place – $10,000

2nd Place – $5,000

3rd Place – $2,500


Take home the first place prize in one of the three games and finish first overall for the series and it’ll be a nice pay day for your first experience as a professional play-caller.


Good luck!