How to play Your Call Football

Don’t just watch the game, control the action. Learn the basics of how to play Your Call Football and get ready for the world’s first ever play-calling competition. Download the app today and get ready for Game 3 on May 17th at 8:30 PM EDT.


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Choose Your Own Adventure: Football Edition

By Cheddar

Questioning coaches' decisions is an integral part of any football fan's life ー we all know we could do better. Now, a new football league is giving us a shot, by crowd sourcing the play-calling in live football games. "Your Call Football" lets viewers choose their favorite of three pre-selected plays uploaded to an app by a figure-head coach on the sideline of a real game in progress. The league employs players who are trying to land a roster spot on NFL teams, and the coaches are NFL alumnae.

The Future of Fantasy Football Is Upon Us

By Urban Daddy

Your Call Football is a revolutionary new gaming app based on real football, with real players and coaches, and real user control. Tonight they’ll kick off the third and final game of their inaugural testing season, as users around the world play via Your Call’s livestream app, dialing up offensive plays from the comfort of their own homes for teams to execute on the field.

3 Boston startups helping you make money off your sports obsession

By Built In Boston

Your Call Football is on a mission to let football fanatics do more than just watch games: It lets them control the action from an app-based game.

YCF Employees

One of Your Call Football’s greatest assets is the outstanding team of diverse professionals who have come together to bring the world’s first fan play-calling competition to life. Each carries deep vertical experience and brings invaluable expertise and passion to our mission to revolutionize the fan experience.


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